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If you ask someone who has flown about their experience, for sure the first words that will come to their mouths will be calm, peace and serenity..
The hot air balloon is a unique experience, which begins at sunrise; with the first rays of light we start assembling and setting-up the balloon.

The take-off is, without a doubt, the most exciting moment, you feel how the basket rises in the air, amid the noise of the gas burner, a strange sensation invades us. Once in the air, with the burner at rest, you’ll feel such an incredible peace and quiet, difficult to experience elsewhere.

Meanwhile we will enjoy the magnificient views of the landscape below. The flight will last approximately one hour, after that time we will look for the most suitable landing area.
Once on the ground, we will proceed to collect the equipment and we will head to a nearby bar to satisfy our stomach, with a typical local breakfast. We will then deliver the diploma accrediting, you deserve!!!!.